Playa, sol, y mar. My heart was full looking at the endless blue ocean, drinking Tom Collin’s with my sis,  gossiping with my baby brother, and having good quality convos with Dad.

Overall, it was a momentous trip. Final moments of being in love with more than just the Rivera Maya (more on that later), I fulfilled a life-long dream of swimming with dolphins, got one of those fish pedicures, and got to work out some family feelings. I clubbed with both siblings, reunited with some high-school friends, and ended up with one of the best drunken stories about my brother ( I would share, but it’s a “had to be there” kinda story).

If you visit Cancun be aware taxis are way to0 expensive, resorts are better for Cancun and Riviera Maya region, Playa del Carmen is a must- spend a whole day there or even consider staying there for your vacation instead, and visit Xcaret.

IMG_2851IMG_8982IMG_0082Cancun1cancun 2BLOG


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