I’ve never been someone that craves nature. I’m usually more humbled by man-made things. The Eiffel tower, The Coliseum, The Blue Mosque, cheesecake, these are the kinds of things that make me amazed at the world.

A couple of weekends ago, coming out of a breakup, I decided to give nature a healing chance. In a 90’s Yukon and a 2012 Prius, two gals and five gents headed west  into Llano county to camp at Enchanted Rock.

It was a quick trip- drive up there, cook some hobo bags (amazing btw), star gaze, wake up for a sunrise hike. I can say it’s the most peaceful I’ve felt in a long time, and I say this despite a few hiccups (namely: freaking out about tumbling to my death, close encounter with a scorpion,  a warning for drinking alcohol in a state park, and forgetting my bag at a gas station).

The stars that night and the sunrise that morning are two of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Cheers to giving nature a chance,

(PC- not me, but the uber talented R Davidson)




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