Austin City Limits Festival


Really wish I had legit pictures of 2015 ACL- but “professional” cameras are not allowed on festival grounds. Is it still considered professional if I don’t know how to really use it?

I’m currently writing from Mexico City after a whirlwind week. Promotion, last minute trip changes, and ACL. I’ll be adding more pics once I get home. But for now let’s focus on the #ACLFest.

This is my 6th time attending (crazy to believe!), and thinking back to my early festival goer attitude to the one I have now, I realize just how much I’ve changed. I think when people see me after a while, they’re surprised by how much chiller I am compared to my angsty uptight teenage years. For this year, I had a list of must-sees and no desire to push my way up into the mad crowd. And although less intense, it was infinitely more enjoyable.

It was also special to share this with so many friends- rotated around so many different groups (you kind of have to be flexible with 3-day events) and got to show baby brother around. Friends from out of town, coworkers, and strangers!


I left my apartment a mess (sorry roommate!), sleep deprived, and definitely hungover at 7am to catch a plane to Mexico. Worth it? Absolutely.

My musical highlight was definitely The Weeknd, 2nd was Alt-J, 3rd was probably Hozier because of the crazy fixation I had on “Work Song” for the past year.


Here are some more shots from the weekend, with an actual camera. I’m getting better at this stuff. Right?

DSC_0624 DSC_0607  DSC_0573DSC_0591


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