Kyoto (Part 1)

We traveled by bullet train (Shinkansen) to Kyoto (the old capital). A city that is very different from Tokyo. It’s older and vibrant in a different way. If Tokyo is impressive, Kyoto is beautiful.

Stayed at Tour Club Kyoto (also highly recommend!) they have pod style beds. Kyoto is a bus city, and the hostel is very close to the bus station. 

Heian Shrine- Ok here’s the thing there’s 2,000 temples and Shrines in Kyoto. You’ll for sure get temple exhaustion but I would highly recommend all the shrines featured here. This one has beautiful vibrant colors. 



Nanzen-ji- Beautiful dark wooden massive structure. Very impressive. 


Yazaka Shrine (Open 24 hours) shrine- There’s a lot happening around the Shrine and it’s worth visiting at night, food vendors and an adorable outside seating area.  The shrine is illuminated at night, I unfortunately didn’t take a good picture of it. 


Fushimi Inari –In the Heian period, this shrine was one of the shrines that carried written messages of important events occurring in Japan, to the gods. That’s why you see a lot of foxes in the shrine as they are regarded as the messengers. X and I also wandered into a cemetery and found a bamboo forrest in the back.

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