Kyoto (part 2)

Kiyomizu-dera – Kiyomizu temple, originally built in 798 is famous for its 3 waterfalls and their wish granting powers. It is also a world heritage site.


Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zakaThe names mean three year hill and two year hill respectively and they refer to the ancient imperial years when they were first laid out. These streets lead up to and down Kiyomizu-dera and have a lot going on.
Philosopher’s path- Beautiful walk lined with cherry blossoms along a canal. It takes about 20 minutes, but it’s lined with temples and shrines so feel free to stop. I loved walking and talking to X about life. 
Ginkaku-ji Temple- Temple set in green beautiful water, sand zen garden. 
Gion Gion district is famous for the its Geishas ( locally referred to as Geiko) and Maikos (geisha apprentices). It also has many tea houses. It is a crazy beautiful area, saw the most stunning blossoms along a canal, with restaurants facing the river. Pictures were hard to get, and it is hard to do it justice.
Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavillion)  –It is also called the Golden Temple. The top 2 stories are covered with pure gold leaf. The pond surrounding the temple also has Koi carp. It’s gorgeous!
Tenryu-ji Temple The name, Tenryuji  translates to dragon of the sky. It is ranked 1st out of 5 Zen temples and is also a World Heritage Site. The gardens of Tenryuji was designed by Muso Soseki who also designed Koke-dera ( moss garden). he was also the head priest of Tenryuji.
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove –As the name suggests, it’s a forest of bamboo. A path cuts right across the forest so you get to walk with bamboo on both sides.
TogetsuKyo bridge Togetsu means “moon crossing”. This bridge is famous for it’s autumn leaves and cherry blossoms. The river underneath it has a different name on either side – on the West, Hozu River and on the east, Katsura river. Ate the most amazing Soba along the river.

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