Last stop on the trip was Nara, also an old capital, I recommend visiting Nara for a day trip.

Todaiji Temple: Largest wooden structure in the world with Japan’s largest Buddha statues inside. I didn’t even post a pic of it because without the scale it’s not even worth it. Basically, think super sized. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Nara, the trip is worth it just to see this. 



Nara Park: Has a lot of deer. Go buy deer food, the deer will thank you.


Kasuga taisha: The walk up to it is beautiful.dhg



Final Thoughts and Recommendations!

In Japan civility, consideration for others, hygiene, enjoying the simple things (not eating while walking for example) area focus. It’s an interesting place in that it’s conservative and emphasizes respect, integrity and order, but it’s also a place that celebrates individuality and allows for some weird stuff (hello Tokyo!). It is stuck on some of the best of old and new. Conservative but innovative. Preciseness and aesthetics are important, but all with a focus on the collective. 
Also: Cash economy (almost 100%), don’t be afraid of the toilets- they’re amazing!, walk on your left, be quiet in public spaces (public transportation especially), don’t pay at the table- stand up and take it to the register, say arigato gozaimasu (silent u) a lot and you’re set.

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