Tokyo (Part 2)

Northern Tokyo:

Asakusa and Sensoji Temple: Asakusa has the feeling of an “old” Tokyo, I think. You can visit the Sensoji (famous Buddhist Temple) and Asakusa Shrine or hit up some of the various shopping lanes. 
Nakamise Dori– vendors around the temple, tons of yummy food. But remember- don’t walk and eat! (it’s considered rude).


Sumida Boat Ride to Hama Rikyu Garden- Nice boat ride through the river, it takes you to this beautiful zen garden in the middle of the city. 
Odaiba Took elevated train to here (v. cool). Odaiba is a new developed area that has lots of malls, arcades, museums, and the Oedo Onsen (the best public hot springs in Tokyo), it also has a statue of liberty replica which is kind of weird. X and I ate the worst hamburgers of our lives, got asked by a teen boy if he could take a pic of us and chilled by the beach. 
Mori Art Museum- My Body Your Voice was one of the best art expositions I’ve seen. The building in itself is super interesting and they have a great sky deck where you can see the entire city. It wasn’t until that moment that I understood it’s magnitude. 
Shinjuku: Shinjuku’s kind of the party district, though that may be because of Kabukicho (northeast of Shinjuku Station) which is Tokyo’s big red light district. If you’re into nightclubs, bars, pachinko, neon, and other *ahem* things, this will be a place you’ll enjoy. We went to Karaoke here (the one from Lost in Translation in fact!).
Golden Gai- Is an incredibly interesting set of streets filled with small bars (think really small, like max capacity 8-10 people) set in narrow rooms. They charge a cover, but have an amazing beer and sake selection. 

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