June Renegade Tunes

I will be sharing monthly 15 song playlist where I post what I’m listening to. By no means are they limited to new releases, or are to be understood as a comprehensive or cohesive story. They’re just my current obsessions, what is moving me, what is making me dance. For a little insight into my thoughts on the songs read below.

I believe to really feel a song you need the lights out and the volume all the way up!

Hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment if you’d think I’d enjoy one of your favorites.

  1. Serpientes, Fishlights- This is a friend’s project and he is stupid talented. Recommend checking out more of his stuff.
  2. Villainy, Local Natives- A new album is brewing. Personally really enjoy this single and Past Lives released last month.
  3. Shortline, RY X-The build up to this song is perfect, gives me chills every time.
  4. Still, Seinabo Sey- Beautiful voice, and for some reason this song makes me feel deeply.
  5. I Need A Forrest Fire, James Blake ft. Bon Iver- Two of my favorite artists. This song is insanely powerful. Listen to it many times, it’s complex and beautiful.
  6. Capsize- FRENSHIP ft Emily Warren- Makes me dance. Every time.
  7. Sick For So Long, Matisyahu- This is a sexiest song on this playlist, playful.
  8. Fire, Jack Garratt- I’ve talked enough about the amazingness of this artist, this is a relatively new song and it packs a lot of fire (pun intended).
  9. Spoke the Words, Wolf Tide- Angsty and original.
  10. Fossa, Daughter- Single from their amazing new album, slower than their first but better.
  11. Love For That, Mura Masa, Shura- Interesting beats, makes me dance.
  12. Crazy Dream , Tom Misch- Newest Tom, if you haven’t listened to his stuff, all of it is absolutely amazing.
  13. Hold On, We’re Going Home, Lykke Li- I’ve always been obsessed with Lykke and this cover is flawless.
  14. Couldn’t Believe, Broods- Broods has some very danceable songs, this is a particularly appealing one.
  15. Bowspirit, Balmorhea- The best instrumental song I’ve found in years!


For all you Bon Iver fans out there- watch this, it will move you (Especially Heavenly Father).


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