24 Hours in Dallas

“Is there a weekend where you would be open to visiting me?”  was the text message that started it all “I’ll show you Dallas pinky promise”.

At the time I didn’t realize this was a drunk text situation, but I should’ve known when asking what dates would work the reply was “baby girl you tell me what your ideal dates are and I’ll make it work”.

In any case- Jay is one of my closest friends form college and now lives in Uptown Dallas and works as a consultant. Since graduating we’ve been playing this game of phone tag that has resulted on some pretty epic voicemails. We’ve stayed close- partly because Jay choosy with his friends (and I see that as a compliment), and partly because we like asking each other questions. I think we’re fundamentally very different people, but I’ve never been more openly challenged in conversation than with Jay. He’s one of the smartest, funniest, and most confident people I’ve met and I genuinely like being around him.

I only had 24 hours to spare but he made them unforgettable. Started out with brunch in the Bishop Arts District at Oddfellows, followed by a visit to the Deep Ellum Brewery where we met up with our friend Ed and Jay’s girlfriend Anisha for some career talks, games, and sun.

Finally, we got ready for what I thought was dinner with Jay and Ed at the Rodeo Goat but turned out to be a surprise dinner with all our Dallas area friends. Thank you Ryan C, Satvika, Ryan M, Ed, Josh, Sean for coming and of course Jay for organizing. It was so special to get to say bye to all of you before my move to SF.

PC: mostly me,  J. Shah.

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