September Renegade Tunes

It’s been a minute. As I prepare to catch the blog up on the past three months and a new life in California, here are some current musical obsessions.

Let’s be clear that if it was 9/30 what would be here would just be a link to Bon Iver’s new album 22 a million, in the meantime enjoy the amazing live performance they did on Late Night (I realize I’ve featured Justin Vernon all 2/2 Renegade Tunes, but I hope you agree they are that good).

Some Special mentions here:

4. Friends (feat. Bon Iver) if you can go watch the video– it’s ridiculous and has a Kanye cameo.

10. The Girl- this is a sweet song that makes me tear up every time.

14. Soy Yo- something about this song + video makes me extra proud to be latina

15. Sister- Angel Olson is amazing, her new album is totally worth the listen.


8 (circle)

Debut. Watch it. Now.



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