Road to the Left Coast

It’s been a busy few months. Moving is chaotic in more ways than one, the logistics of it are hard but what I’ve found more time consuming is the investment needed to make your new home a new normal. Nothing feels quite right yet, and for me there’s been an indescribable mix of excitement and nostalgia.

I can imagine I’ll be writing more on this subject as soon as I’ve had enough time to let the dust settle. For now, I’ll talk about the trip leading up to my arrival in sunny (foggy) California.

My dad and I have now shared 2 cross country road trips together and I was happy to add my sister to this one. We left early morning from Texas to first stop in Santa Fe where we enjoyed a yoga and massage day, and a morning of shopping in the gorgeous galleries and shops around the town’s square.

For our second stop we spent two nights in the Grand Canyon where we in very amateur fashion, embarked on a long hike. We were miraculously picked up by the last bus on the last run out of the park. We also took a more relaxing helicopter tour of the Canyon which made me shed my fair share of tears- there really is something magical about that place.

Four our last stop, we hit Santa Monica- my dad’s birthplace. With not a lot of time to spare we walked through the pier, enjoyed a delicious sea food dinner, and did some damage in the shops.

The trip was very meaningful to me, and I realize how lucky I am to have shared it with my amazing family. Playing the entire Hamilton soundtrack in the car despite my dad’s initial unwillingness (he later asked to “repeat that part and turn it up”), talking my sister through some recent heartbreak, and laughing as my dad held us back by gripping our backpacks while taking pictures of the Canyon so we “wouldn’t fall off” are some of my favorite memories.

We reached San Francisco just in time for sundown and, as you’ll be able to see, hit the tourist traps first. This feels like a new chapter of life, and it was only fitting that chapters would be bridged by such a trip.




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