Chi Town Summer

Bike crisin, boat cruisin, some boozing, and lots of friend love on my first visit to Chicago. The city surprised me, I’ve seen so many pictures of it and thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. It is big and impressive. It is vibrant and full of history. It is simply gorgeous.

Spent a short weekend there. Visited the Lincoln Park farmer’s market, followed by the zoo. Took some bikes along the coast for a great view of the city and rode in to Millenium park for some first-timer tourist time. Ended the night a super-secret speakeasy and dinner at low-key gem Alegrias Seafood. Danced at Social 25 and surrounding bars.

Next day, enjoyed brunch at the Hampton Social (had to, don’t judge) and walked through some lovely neighborhoods. In the evening took the architecture boat tour which I highly recommend! Saw the sunset and enjoyed my last night followed by some fancy downtown drinks.

Thanks to P and K for their hospitality. I’ll be back soon!

DSC_0033 copyDSC_0028 copyDSC_0040 copyIMG_0911 copy 2

IMG_0929 copyIMG_0959 copyIMG_0974 copyDSC_0056 copyIMG_0976 copyIMG_0987 copyIMG_0989 copyIMG_0992 copyDSC_0077 copyDSC_0100 copyIMG_0996 copyIMG_0997 copyIMG_1020 copyDSC_0084 copyIMG_1022 copyIMG_1024 copyIMG_1056 copyDSC_0116 copyDSC_0050 copyIMG_1119 copyDSC_0170 copyIMG_1149 copyIMG_1238 copy


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