Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Oaxaca is the land of mezcal and mole, although it does not hold exclusivity one either of these Mexican treasures, it does hold the gold standard for them. It’s a city that is of artists first. It’s also colored by it’s indigenous roots and remains. Some of the most spectacular ruins in Mexico from some of the oldest civilizations can be found here, surrounded by the magnitude and beauty of the Sierra Madre mountain range. 
It was lovely to return to Oaxaca with a plan to enjoy both the urban and rural that it has to offer. In Oaxaca city we enjoyed many meals in the Mercado 20 de Noviembre, spent endless hours browsing and shopping local shirts and crafts, visited the textile museum, the botanical garden, attended a mezcal tasting, and dined in swanky rooftop bars (Casa Crespo and Mezcalerita). Highly recommend making a reservation for a modern yet ancestral dinning experience at Casa Oaxaca
Things to do around the City include visiting the ruins of Mitla, hiking up to Hierve el Agua, visiting the Tule tree (stoutest trunk of any tree in the world), making a stop at Teotitlán del Valle for rug shopping (highest quality), and visiting the Casa de las Artes de San Agustín (a beautiful converted Hacienda holding modern art expos).
In addition to this, R and I decided to spend a couple of days in the Sierra. There are 12 remote villages living in community governing themselves. They have organized to offer a truly unique eco-tourism experience. We were able to stay in the village, chat with locals (many of them of zapoteco origin, who preserve language and tradition). They took us on hikes to beautiful sights and waterfalls and across villages. We had a cozy fire-lit night and ate home made food. All of this for a ridiculously low price. 
Overall had a magical experience in Oaxaca. Would recommend as a destination to anyone. Next up I’d love to visit Puerto Escondido and other Oaxacan beaches. 
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