Dubai & Abu Dhabi

My UAE visa was the most accurate description given to me to date “short (stay), single (entry), tourist (type).”

These two cities are impressive and very lavish. It was a great to get to explore, go shopping, and eat some delicious middle eastern food. Although I wish we had some more time to chill by the beach, some of my favorite activities included: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Emirates Palace (both in Abu Dhabi), and the Burj Khalifa, grabbing a drink and watching the sunset in the Four Seasons beach bar in Jumeirah and finally getting a glimpse of the Burj Al Arab as well as doing a Dessert Safari right outside of Dubai (highly recommend!).

DSC_0346 copyDSC_0359 copyDSC_0379 copyDSC_0435 copyDSC_0412 copyDSC_0438 copyDSC_0383 copyDSC_0416 copyDSC_0399 copyDSC_0457 copyDSC_0493 copyDSC_0476 copyDSC_0472 copyDSC_0597 copyDSC_0577 copyIMG_7655DSC_0556 copy18156334_10158655797185338_1878349620692424777_oDSC_0526 copyDSC_0505 copyIMG_7560 copy18527621_10158751436570338_2497142508646432888_n



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