Mayan for “dark hole”, but I don’t get it because this place is pure sunshine. Remote, but soon to explode (I just know it), Holbox is a natural beauty paradise. My friend who we call La Güera recently quit her job, dropped everything and moved with no plans and no expectations to this beautiful island- we stopped by to say hi.

My main recommendations include: Kayak tour through the mangrove, dinner and drinks at LUUMA, and Básico, and biking around the town.

IMG_7727 copy

DSC_0616 copyDSC_0629 copyDSC_0630 copyDSC_0631 copyDSC_0648 copyDSC_0658 copyDSC_0668 copyDSC_0771 copyDSC_0715 copyDSC_0695 copyDSC_0781 copyDSC_0836 copyDSC_0821 copyDSC_0795 copyDSC_0838DSC_0816 copyIMG_7723 copy


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