Bay Area Hikes

I’m sharing a few of my favorite go-to Bay Area hikes. There’s many to chose from, and will definitely write future posts on more of these. But for some reason, I keep gravitating back to the following three.

Tennesee Valley Trails– a series of trails just past Sausalito, you can make this a pretty straightforward walk to a secret beach, or a more challenging hike through hills and several different trials,

Point Reyes– Point Reyes is so beautiful and big, there’s still much to explore. Similarly to TVT you have many options to make this hike as challenging and as long as you want to. The last hike I did was the Sky – Bear Valley Loop (17 km / 10.5 mi.) which should take between 3-6 hours. It has great coastal views and beach access to a small waterfall where we stopped for lunch. The Sky trial is pretty challenging and mostly uphill, the way back through Bear Valley was much easier! On the drive back we also visited the Cypress Tree Tunnel near the park- worth a visit- quick and really beautiful.

Fort Funston– More of a walk until you hit the steps to come back up! But Fort Funston is one of my favorite spots in the city- it’s a dog park, so you’re sure to see tons of adorable pups going into the ocean. There’s also some cool ruins from the Fort and a lovely reflection of the sunset on the rock wall behind the beach. During the summer/fall months, you might also spot some whales. They’ve given a wonderful spectacle both times I’ve visited in those months.

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