The Perfect Storms

I met Todd my freshman year and we’ve been close ever since. I never thought he would be the first to marry- and I think it’s fair to say we were all surprised when, after only a few months of dating, he proposed to Kelsey. There was lots of skepticism all around. But here’s what I have to say to all the haters: it’s true love. These two fell in a real way. They fell hard. They fell all in.

I am incredibly happy for them both. Their wedding was romantic, fresh, and low-key. It was so them. Breakfast tacos, mimosa bar, and tiff’s treats. Both the wedding and reception took place in the Rustic Grace Estate, north of Dallas. Dancing, reunited friendships, and pictures galore!

Here are some pics edited by me and taken by the super talented N. Bonds who documented most of my college career.

PC: N. Bonds

13342939_10154363642806802_8357019769027350083_n-copy13323643_10154363644876802_6757324673050626561_o-copy13329406_10154363644581802_5453140080656992047_o-copy13394136_10154363640951802_8376141916897006295_n-copy13340149_10154363643861802_6616830528073662965_o copy13336017_10154363642716802_8047731479710083672_n-copy13339474_10154363644051802_2097453662657191754_n copy.jpg13335797_10154363640821802_4828251102299531429_n-copy13340120_10154363642961802_7965238815629021026_o-copy13346799_10154363641311802_3020796292842740372_n-copy13327620_10154363642931802_669830066963453914_n-copy13407248_10154363644531802_5536362112772554266_n copy13413708_10154363644856802_7688979888636352526_n copy13411791_10154363640531802_8335869344314042723_o copy13332732_10154363641731802_2209465712173747575_n copy.jpg13416765_10154363642451802_7583596053059958260_o copy13413044_10154363643991802_2180184204680931822_n copy13415671_10154363642491802_3635595323832663502_o copy13403187_10154363640411802_3337011968972349648_o copy.jpg13346429_10154363640911802_5016866662528075931_n-copy13412891_10154363642841802_3203167649849330433_n copy

Next up: These two love birds tie the knot it October…. and I have front row seats:



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